Heena Vora, Parent of Netram

The online school opportunity from DAWN SCHOOL came like a boon to me.

My son Netram loves music. And when I came to know 1 of the sessions would be music , my heart danced to it.

I have never approached a speech therapist for him before because he was not correlating, imitating , responding or attentive before.
But from Jan ,2021 I noticed he had started doing the above. So speech sessions are truly helpful.
And of course exercises, art n craft activities and literacy are all being covered.

Netram is thoroughly enjoying school. He gets up by 10.30 am almost everyday. He sleeps only after 1.30 at night.

He sits in class without getting distracted. He looks up when his name is called out.

As a parent I am thoroughly satisfied with the online school.

Thank you .