Autism Friendly Education

It is very important to make sure that children with autism have a friendly learning environment around them so that they can grow holistically.

One-on-one learning:

One-on-one sessions with autistic students are tremendously useful if the student requires extra help with things like focusing on a task or moving from one place to another. However, not all autistic students need a 1:1 aide. Whether they require one or not depends on their specific needs. Schools must consider this before deciding whether to assign an aide or not.

Reward system:

Reward systems are a great way to motivate autistic students to learn. For example, giving a student a cookie for solving a worksheet. It is important to consider what the student would like and dislike when giving out awards. If the child is not very social, then an outing to the store may not be as rewarding as, say, quiet reading time.

Visible schedule to create order

It would be easier for autistic students to go about their day if they know what is happening next. Teachers can create schedules with large text or pictures to show their students. The large images and text would make it easier for students to understand the plan for the day.

Quiet spaces

Let’s face it: classrooms can easily become very noisy. The noises can become difficult for autistic students to handle. Thus, creating a quiet space can give these autistic students a safe haven to relax in. These quiet spaces can simply be a cozy corner of the classroom. Cushions and blankets are especially useful in reducing the student’s anxiety.